About us

Welcome to Tasha-Ann's Custom Sweets.

Since the very young  age Tasha-Ann has loved being in the kitchen creating something. Whether it was vegetarian tacos (because sometimes the meat was gone for the month) to slow cooked cuban black beans, love was always an ingredient.  She enjoyed helping her Guela in the kitchen cooking latin food, and as a little girl dreamed of a Latin restaurant inspired by her.  History has always sparked her interests and as a result loves reading story type cookbooks. She would describe her cooking style as old lady.  When it comes to classic traditional dishes, low and slow is her motto.  Let's fast forward a bit to around 10 years old.  Her first cake decorating experience was at the Craft store where they held classes throughout the week.  Her very first cake came out super smooth but accidentally.   She covered her cake while room temp with wax paper and when it set in the refrigerator it came out super smooth. Happy accidents has been the way  She learned best. At the age of about 13 her mom brought home 50lb box of chocolate,  some molds, sticks, bags and then she started to cast chocolate.  She took to it easily. There wasn't a lot of classes in chocolate casting back then, and even so now. So there was lots of trial and error, and some burnt chocolate along the way.  Her visual learning was supported by watching food network often and trying a recipe out but with her own style.  Following written recipes was always a challenge, so often she would take the ingredients and make her own version of a dish.  Sometimes it failed but often her family would enjoy the benefits of her practice.   Home economics was her favorite class in Jr. High and often brought food to her classmates in high school.  She had an opportunity to take some 101 classes in culinary arts when Orange county R.O.P. opened up a culinary arts program at an old restaurant.   It was then she put cooking and a culinary careen on the back burner.   She had excruciating pain in her hands and wrists and now know it was fibromyalgia but at the time didn't and it was hard to work through it.  She never stopped casting chocolate because it was self paced and her art form.  She specializes in detailing/ painting her molds.  So many people are always